Alan J. Salmoni: User experience design and research

Role: UX Designer, Information Architect
My brief was to fix a project gone wrong with tight deadlines. I had a week to design an entire subsite's IA, user journeys and wireframes for one of this London agency's major clients in time for a massive product launch.
Sketching, Wireframes, Workflows, User journeys, Sitemaps, Information architecture, Omnigraffle, Negotiation
Actual front page for proect
Screen shot of roistr
Role: Designer, Lead UX Researcher
Developed Roistr's Semantic Relevance Engine that powers how it understands meaning in natural language text.
Sketching, Wireframes, Workflows, User journeys, Information architecture, Balsamiq, Adobe Fireworks / Photoshop, HTML/CSS/Javascript (JQuery), Python, Numpy, SciPy, statistical analysis
Role: Interaction Designer, UX Researcher & Usability Tester
Led the research, usability testing and design effort into a component to allow customers to compare different bank accounts and select the most appropriate. It was crucial that customers got the right account for them so how could we make sure?
Workflows; Wireframing; User research; Usability testing; Prototyping; HTML/CSS/Javascript; Adobe Fireworks; Adobe InDesign; Adobe Photoshop; Team work and collaboration.
Compare and select tool screenshot
screenshot of released project
Role: Information Architect and Interaction Designer
Constructed an information architecture and designed interactions for a social media competition for Land Rover. This video competition had a prize of 2 weeks safari in Namibia.
Information architecture; Interaction design; Apple Keynote; Paper and pencil; rapid design (2 days).
Role: User Experience Designer
Designed from scratch the IA and IxD to allow Ford of Europe customers the chance to have a single-sign on process where they could access details of their vehicles, book tests and access their financial records.
Information architecture; Interaction design; Wireframing; Communicating with large team of stakeholders; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe InDesign; Adobe Fireworks; Apple Keynote.
detailed specification of project
screenshot of project
Role: Designer and Developer
An insurance start-up needed a web presence. This project took some graphic designer's comps and put a proper UX flesh to it as well as writing the code. The problem was to make this a viable site against established competition.
Adaptability; PowerPoint; Adobe Photoshop; Paper and pencil; PHP; HTML/CSS/Javascript; Search Engine Optimisation.
Role: Information Architect
Westpac's original consumer banking website needed expansion to accommodate innovations and new products / services. This project was conceived to generate a new information architecture to guide the bank over the next 5 years.
Information architecture; Card Sorting; User Research; Workshops; Data Analysis.
dendrogram from hierarchical cluster analysis of the card sort

Articles :

Inkscape for UX design

I know that suggesting an open source tool like Inkscape for a design where Illustrator is thoroughly embedded comes across somewhat like recommending a typewriter to a blogger for writing but having used it lately, I'm quite impressed.